Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Four Thoughts For A   New Day In Scouting
Mobile devices unlimited
Real time data updates on the fly
Scouts enter data anytime from anywhere
Reports you want when you want them

Sunrise brings a new day to Dubai.

A Scout Friendly Day Every Day Some special helpful highlights are: one-time entry of data (less typing), entering multiple reports at same time, and making entries on tablet/laptop without internet access (updates with home network will auto-synch at next internet connection).

Total Mobile Integration
We are an experienced leader in developing mobile data systems, smoothly blending them with desktop and server data tasks for unified operations.

Your Ideas = Our Mission For Design
Flexible design gives you choices for data fields, kinds of searches, and report content/formats. Custom structure incorporates your criteria for classifying and measuring players, and how to select player sets according to those classifications and measurements.

Budget Agreeable Life Cycle
These solid systems need upgrades and improvements only when you want to add features or move to a next level. You decide what, if, when, and how upgrades and improvements happen.

WorldWide Experience in Sports
We provide sport software systems that cross international borders, accommodate a range of cultures, span languages, yet pull it all together.

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